Electrolysis is a safe and effective method of permanent hair removal on the face and some parts of the body, effectively treating white hair as well as dark hair.  It also works on treating visible red veins (capillaries) on the face and the permanent removal of skin tags on the face and body.

For hair we use the blend method, the most effective method of electrolysis. The procedure is preformed on a hair-by-hair basis passing a needle down the hair follicle . A direct current (DC) is passed down first, which creates a chemical reaction in the follicle then a high frequency (HF) current is applied which heats the chemical, killing the hair at the root. Sterile disposable gold probes are used.

For red veins we use high frequency (HF) current which works by cauterising and blocking the blood flow of the capillary network allowing you to see visible results immediately.

Removal of skin tags we use high frequency (HF) current which works by cauterising the skin tag with an electrolysis skin tag needle.

An initial consultation is necessary to determine if electrolysis is best suited to you and your concerns. We will explain the technology, treatment plan, expected results and aftercare.

Skin Tag Removal

15 mins

30 mins

Give the gift of beautiful, glowing skin.

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